Multi-Format Content Publishing

Client  Wine Country Gift Baskets / Houdini, Inc.

Skills  Copywriting, Graphic Design, Photography, Video, SEO

Tags  Articles, Blog Posts, Content Marketing, Content Publishing, Content Strategy, Infographics, Photography, Video

For Wine Country Gift Baskets, Releventure developed a digital content strategy that focused on blog articles, SEO and evergreen web page copy, infographics, product and lifestyle photography, and video. These content assets were all developed to conform to the client’s content marketing strategy as well as their brand and style guideline with an emphasis on customer engagement and organic search improvement utility. All articles, graphic design elements, and infographics were developed in-house. For the product photography, we worked with one of our favorite lifestyle photographers, the super-talented, Megan Steffen / Untapped-Media out of Napa Valley, who provided beautifully composed images that matched the creative brand and style guide perfectly. For the product reveal and FaceBook/YouTube social videos, we worked with Dave Schmoekel and Nick Henney of 323 Media out of Indiana who shot hygiene and hub video content at incredibly affordable rates that simultaneously enhances the shopper/user experience while creating the visual stylings that engage customers all along the buying journey. Our work with Houdini Inc / Wine Country Gift Baskets exemplifies our digital marketing philosophy that there is great value in sourcing the right creatives and putting the right team of project managers and strategists on a well-thought out and tightly managed content strategy. When empowered to do what we do best as an agency, we can dramatically enhance the digital publishing capabilities of small marketing departments while working to increase sales and business objectives.