YouTube Video Series

Client  Wine Country Gift Baskets

Skills   Social Media, Video Production, Content Marketing

When modern social media marketing strategies meet a company whose primary marketing tool consists of catalogues, you can imagine how that transition might go. It’s a long, slow build, like a snowflake trying to become an avalanche. It is also, however, an incredibly rewarding experience to build that online presence, targeting the millennial demographic and younger who would never even think to thumb through a catalogue, and start gaining momentum. That’s exactly what we’re seeing with Wine Country Gift Baskets, whose brand-new YouTube Channel launched just last week.

Taking a company who once had a practically nonexistent online reputation, and creating one, means beginning to tap into a deep, deep well of brand-new buyers who Google everything and make frequent online purchases. In other words, we’re letting the catalogues do their work with the more traditional buyers, and marketing to an even larger group whose debit card numbers are saved in more online accounts than they can keep track of. All of those wallets are daily users of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and YouTube. It gets even more complex than that, though.

Facebook users aren’t a fan of Google+. Instagram users aren’t a fan of Twitter. And YouTube users rely on videos over articles to answer their questions. Don’t even get me started on platforms like Snapchat, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Blogger, or the 20+ other possible platforms. This “younger” demographic is split – practically shattered – into so many social media platform categories, we can’t list them all. So what’s a company to do?

You target the heavy-hitters: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, and yes, YouTube. As the second most-used search platform on the internet, it is absolutely vital for any company, large or small, to have a noteworthy YouTube presence. So, with the advent of the Wine Country Gift Baskets YouTube Channel, it’s all but guaranteed that we will be successfully reaching their target audience, so long as the content we publish is as modern as their viewers. Content that is seen as useful, educational, helpful, fun, entertaining, or even just interesting to this millennial base will naturally attract them like bees to honey. The more video views, the more brand impressions; the more brand impressions, the higher the purchase conversion is.

The featured video on Wine Country’s YouTube Channel, “Why Give a Wine Country Gift Basket?”, is specifically animated to reach our growing millennial following. Clean lines, beautiful colors, and a simple, heartfelt message make it clear to the customers who want more than just a logo that there’s a “company in there that cares”. With such a recent drastic shift in consumer demand for small business and transparent policies, any company who stays behind their logo and doesn’t breach the gap will lose – and lose big.

So to Wine Country Gift Baskets: we applaud you. Thanks for letting us help you bridge that gap and build a positive, growing audience from one platform to the next.