Who We Are

Get to know us.

We are master writers of copy and code. We are marketers, developers, project managers, & designers. We are your one-stop-shop for outsourced digital publishing operations. And if you're a marketer, we're your new best friends.

Kurt Lohse
CEO & Founder

20 year+ marketer, writer, philosopher who treats clients like gold and friends like family. He has one mission: use experience & technology to make digital marketing easier and more effective.

Chris Damore

Likes: controlling things. Dislikes: spending money. Guilty pleasure: tweaking spreadsheet formulas for fun. Exactly the guy you want managing your cash flow and protecting your long term viability.

Randolph Morris

The silent, brainy one who is secretly re-inventing business as we know it. Security is his passion. Coding is his playground. No idea is too big for this technology surgeon not to figure out how to pull it off in ways no one thought possible.

Dan Gebert
Sr. Director, Content Development

Mr. Spock envies Dan’s sense of logic. A master writer with a sagacious legal mind who lives to develop stories, manage programs, and make our clients look extremely good.

Liz Huggins

Equipped with the uncanny ability to turn complex problems into beautiful works of art. Writer…check. Designer…check. Project manager…check. She’s a bright ray of sunshine that can keep any business running smoothly.

Jill Stuart
Sr. Dir. Business Development

Positivity, style, & grace. Jill is a networking Ninja who just happens to have a brilliant mind for creative problem solving especially as it relates to content marketing. If you need a fresh approach to your marketing strategy, Jill should be your first and only call.

Doug Getty
Sr. Director, Lead Generation Programs

The wild one. A data driven marketing pro that excels at winning. From digital media to direct marketing he is a leader of men that can connect you with anyone and everyone. Consistently taking on the most challenging of projects with a passion for determining what makes brands and people tick.

Meg Strouse
Account Manager

Wildly gifted with an eye for fine photography and social media engagement, Meg is a creative account manager who loves performing her art for clients. A skilled aerialist, Meg’s grace and athleticism keep her swinging to new heights.

Ryan Pinkham
UI/UX Designer

Form follows function, and function follows Ryan. A user interface designer extraordinaire with the heart of an artist. With work characterized by simple designs and predictive results, he helps us shape digital experiences in cool new ways.

Nick Henney
Content Producer

A brilliant creative with a sharp set of video production skills, our resident YouTube personality regularly takes his hunting expertise to the streets to find and share authentic stories from people everywhere.

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Our offices

A creative space for content marketing.

Releventure is the finest digital marketing agency in Ladera Ranch, California. Our corporate offices are established in the heart of Orange County – often referred to as “Silicon Valley of the South.” We live and work halfway between Hollywood and sunny San Diego. Our offices serve as a hub of operations to provide local digital marketing services to companies throughout Los Angeles and Irvine.

Southern California is the ideal place to build a digital production agency because of the beautiful beaches and active outdoor lifestyle. We believe that a solid work/life balance is critical to creative thinking, innovative problem solving, and happiness in general, all of which contribute to our success and stability as your agency and growth partner. Our door is always open and we invite clients and prospective clients to stop by any time and brainstorm with us. We thrive on collaboration and always look to make good working connections for the benefit of all.

If you’re interested in work opportunities available at Releventure, please drop a note to contact@releventure.com and tell us a little bit about how you think you can add value to our team. Great companies are made up of talented and self-driven people who have a burning desire to please customers. If that describes you, then we would love to meet you and see if there is a fit.