Utilizing the Marketing Power of Influencers

Influencers are powerful marketers, even more so than they are content creators. They’ve curated specific sets of followers, segmented by their own interests and style. Because of this, a simple mention of a brand or its products creates instant visibility. While influencers are required to tell their fans when they are making “sponsored” posts, a successful campaign will, at the minimum, create brand awareness.

The key to any successful influencer campaign is finding the person whose story fits that of your brand, product, or campaign. The influencer’s personality needs to be able to accommodate your story.

Take, for example, Terry Bradshaw’s ultimate Super Bowl moment.

When Bradshaw appeared on camera with a noticeable stain on his white shirt, Super Bowl viewers instantly took to Twitter to point out what eventually made Tide’s influencer campaign a success. It was one thing to put together a brilliant commercial, it’s another to utilize a sports influencer like Bradshaw to drive home the message.

In case you missed it, Bradshaw appeared on camera to host Super Bowl LI with what appeared to be a barbecue sauce stain on his shirt. Fans couldn’t believe the host didn’t notice it.

They took to Twitter to write about Bradshaw’s blunder:


Then, Tide’s commercial aired.

It picked up during a commercial break when producers informed him that there was a stain on his shirt. The sports commentator then ran through the stadium looking for a clean shirt and he was told he was “trending.” As Bradshaw goes on the run, driving down the highway at one point, fans point out his stain. Bradshaw ends up at Jeffrey Tambor’s home, where his shirt is then washed with Tide 4-in-1. As he returns to the studio, clean shirt and all, Bradshaw grabs a meatball sub.IFrame

The best part: most of this happened in reality. Tide fooled a number of fans into thinking that Bradshaw was clueless.

The campaign was a success, and credit has to be given to Bradshaw for pulling it off — making fans believe that he could actually go on air with a giant stain. How did he do it so seamlessly? Well, that’s all thanks to his personality. Bradshaw in this case, with his many bloopers and hilarious unfiltered moments, was a believable fit for the campaign. Had the brand gone with more of a perfectionist or germaphobe, fans might not have fallen for it.

With many big laundry names on the shelves, Tide upped their game with the creative campaign, one in which was basically a huge recommendation for the soap brand. In the days that followed, people made their own Bradshaw/Tide memes, and a month later, folks are still Tweeting the hashtag. If any TV personality were to ever get a stain on their shirt again, you can bet that there will be Tide jokes on the way.