Marrying Artificial Intelligence and Content Marketing: Can Your Company Play Matchmaker?

Whether you have an expert marketing team in your corner or you’re writing the content yourself, every business wants to see their website give them the best results for their money. Maximizing your ROI on content marketing means that your site will capture your customer’s attention, inspire them to subscribe or purchase, see increased traffic, and ultimately drive revenue and sales. Content marketers are experts at doing these very things, but like any business today, the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) impacts how they do their jobs. To understand what this means for your business, let’s examine some of the current debates as well as some of the practical content applications of AI.

The Discussion

Companies across every sector are asking the same question: Will AI make my employee’s jobs obsolete? People love to predict the time when AI will take over most human jobs but not only is this impossible to know, but it’s also unlikely that we will ever be completely replaceable. While AI technology can carry out complex tasks on their own, it’s human insight, creativity, and vision that will keep us around, even in the face of AI. More likely is the fact that the content marketing industry will evolve along with AI instead of disappearing altogether. What AI will do to content marketing is free up people’s time and allow them to complete higher-level tasks like developing strategy, interacting with clients, and dreaming up big ideas for killer content. That’s something every lean and mean marketing team—and their managers–will be able to appreciate.

Putting AI to Use in Content Marketing

With this better understanding of how AI will impact the role of content marketing, let’s explore some of the ways that your professional content marketing team may begin to apply AI to your brand’s strategy. There are many possibilities for using AI for content marketing, and perhaps your team could use some of the following to maximize your user’s experience:

  • Tailored customer encounters – Imagine a site where each user could have their own experience, with content recommendations chosen specifically for their interests and needs. This is a possibility with the help of AI bots who can conduct user surveys and get to know your readers better with a few simple questions or by monitoring their movements on your site. Without having to search your site for information, but being effortlessly guided to the information they need, customers will be more likely to spend more time on your site while learning more about your business and your products and services at the same time.
  • Personalized product selection – Much in the same way that AI can customize the content that your users read on your site, it can also guide clients to purchase products based on the posts they read. Online retailers like Amazon have been using this technology for years, but it could have applications in other non-retail sectors. For example, a private medical clinic could not only provide informative content to their site’s visitors, but AI could also direct them to testing bundles or service packages that are customized based on their search inquiries or the pages they’ve spent time on.
  • More efficient content marketing – Marketers may come to love AI for the way it can streamline their content creation processes. AI could assist your team in creating your newsletter content, suggesting topics based on keywords, editing, writing social media content, and interpreting reader comments on your company’s blog posts.
  • Automatic story generation – Nothing can replace elegant writing and creative content – humans are gifted in ways that AI bots will never be, but this doesn’t mean that they can’t work on simple stories. Basic writing that is mostly reporting on data, like the stock market or sports scores can be written using AI that can collect the data, interpret it, and generate the content, and post it to your site with little or no human direction. This type of story may be essential to your site’s content strategy, but it doesn’t necessarily need to be written by people. Taking these kinds of stories off content marketer’s plates frees your team up for digging deeper into the type of content your target market finds most meaningful and engaging.

Having a professional content marketing firm working with your business is a great way to ensure an excellent ROI on your blog posts or website copy. When AI gets involved, it can free up your team’s resources to allow them to spend their time working on the bigger strategy for your brand. AI can act as a junior writer or virtual intern who can complete basic tasks on your website, enhance the time your customer spends on your site, and give your business more generous returns when it comes to working with a content marketing team.