10 Ways to Get out of a Content Rut

Everyone hits roadblocks along the way of creating killer content, and not every idea is a winner. Forced content doesn’t have the same effortless feel as the free-flowing ideas that come naturally to your content marketing plan. When pressed for ideas, these ten tips and tricks can help to reignite your fire, spark your creativity, and get you back on track to producing brilliant writing to engage your audience.

  1. Change the medium of an old post
  2. Turn a video into a blog post, summarize one of your presentations into an article or make an infographic from an old post. Expert content marketers know that reinventing old content is an easy way to capitalize on what you already have and make it even better, more relevant, and have it reach a wider audience. Use your site’s analytics to improve on keywords so you can maximize using an old piece and turn it into something new.

  1. Bring in a guest blogger
  2. Let someone else do the heavy lifting and take the pressure off your shoulders. Not only will a guest blogger do the writing for you, but their take on your business or their point of view on a hot topic is likely to stimulate your thoughts and lead to new ideas for your next post. Guest blogging is beneficial for both parties and increases opportunities for building your search engine authority using backlinks.

  1. Weigh in on a debate
  2. Pick a current event or interesting article and tailor an analysis or op-ed piece to fit with your brand and your audience. There’s no need to think up every subject yourself, just put your two cents in on a hot topic in a way that will resonate with your audience and stimulate a discussion in your comments or on your social media. Hitting on a current event instantly makes your post newsworthy, especially if you’re working with a creative strategy team who can craft posts that are provocative and shareable.

  1. Analyze an old post for today’s world
  2. Comb through your archives and use your outdated content to create a new discussion. Reference your original piece and touch on how times have changed, or use old posts to put a new spin on a topic that’s still relevant. Recycling material lets you make the most of what you already have in your content portfolio.

  1. Get visual
  2. Visual stimulation is a powerful tool in content marketing. Create a photo tutorial to give your readers something different to respond to. Use gorgeous images to entice readers, spark an emotional response, or illustrate your brand’s stance on a pertinent issue.

  1. Writer’s block? Make a video
  2. Sometimes the words just don’t flow, and the writing process is painful. Speaking your thoughts on video can often be easier than explaining them in writing, and adding meaningful video content gives your readers a fresh experience when they visit your site. Professional, high-quality video is a tremendous asset to any site and to today’s followers who crave a multi-media encounter.

  1. Get online for ideas
  2. Desperate times call for desperate measures, which is what it can feel like when you type “writer’s block” into your search field. You’ll be surprised at what can inspire you, even if it’s through corny writing prompts or reading forums on how other writers handle a rut. Getting to the other side of writer’s block can lead to a rush of fresh and new ideas for your content marketing strategy. If you are consistently challenged with a content rut, consider working with a content marketing team and watch as new ideas flow quickly and easily.

  1. Read
  2. Step out of the writer’s or marketer’s role for a while and channel your inner bookworm. Reading is one of the best ways to glean inspiration for your own projects. Devour whatever lets you get lost and allows you to forget the pressure of coming up with new ideas. Reading your favorite blogs, news, forums, or Twitter feed can give you all the inspiration that you need to create something stellar.

  1. Get analytical
  2. A great strategic content team will look at your site analytics and your brand’s key metrics. They’ll ask critical questions like: Where can you see deficiencies or areas to improve? Which keywords have had the most success? How can you repurpose them for a new post? An in-depth analysis of your past post’s performance can lead to useful insights that can lead to new ideas for doing things better building on your past content successes or failures.

  1.  Listen to your readers
  2. Take a creative rut as an opportunity to read through your comments, for both current and old posts, and see what people are saying about your brand. Seek out reviews of your business online – both good and bad. Negative reviews and comments can trigger a defensive response, which can easily lead to new content where you seek to set the record straight or shine a more positive light on your brand.

If you’re not working with a content marketing team yet, try any of these inspiring approaches to climb out of a creative rut. Or contact us and learn more about how we keep fresh content flowing for web-savvy brands.