We’re that spark.

Great Marketing Begins with a Spark

Engagement is knowing your audience

& giving them what they want...

Stories that create emotional connections
have the power to move us all.

Awe  ►  Aspiration  ►  Inspiration  ►  Action

When we view everyday scenes
from new perspectives,

memorable and impactful stories emerge.

Making memorable content in the digital
age requires a new set of tools...

& that’s where we come in.
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We create amazing content in all forms, but our focus is on delivering results.

Success in content marketing means engaging with your customers and prospects in ways that keep you top-of-mind when key purchasing decisions are being made. As your business growth partner, we won’t rest until we can demonstrate clear increases in sales, traffic, and customer retention based on the programs we establish.

We commit ourselves to your success.

Content StrategyContent Strategy

We rely on sound research and dedicated social media tools to find content channels, formats, and topic opportunities that enable you to own critical customer engagement points throughout your customers’ buying cycle.

Content ProductionContent Production

In-house content producers combined with enhanced creative crowdsourcing methods enable us to deliver multiple high-quality creative options and bulletproof technical executions on every project for a fraction of the cost of traditional agency models.

Program ManagementProgram Management

Whether you need help managing an expanding blog, a complex content calendar, or dozens if not hundreds of creative contributors, we have the experience and process in place to turn your digital publishing operations into a well-oiled content marketing machine.

Performance ReportingPerformance Reporting

We develop custom software to gather all of your critical performance data points and bring them into a simple reporting structure that makes analysis and improvement decisions a breeze.

Tech & Start-upsCustom Software Development

From complete websites, to mobile apps, and backend enterprise solutions, Releventure has the technical expertise to affordably develop efficient code to improve your business processes no matter how complex or difficult the challenge.

Creative CrowdsourcingCreative Crowdsourcing

Creative talent abounds on the internet. Companies that are not tapping into the boundless talent pool are missing great opportunities to discover breakthrough creative ideas and reduce costs. Releventure has years of experience producing world-class work from well organized, tightly managed crowdsourcing campaigns.



Health Care Content Marketing

We specialize in developing scalable multi-format content programs for large health care companies. We help build, manage, and produce articles, blog posts, infographics, photo series, and videos that promote general wellness topics for hospitals, doctors, and physician groups of all sizes.

Professional Services Content Marketing

Releventure helps law firms, doctors, realtors, accountants, consultants, and other professionals develop original thought-provoking content on a constant basis in order to affordably and effectively market professional service specialties of all types. From complete websites, to blog development and management, we help make relevant thought leadership your single best tool for lead generation and customer engagement.

Retail & E-Commerce Content Marketing

We have unique expertise in helping to grow retail and e-commerce companies through more effective content publishing operations. We identify important topical interest opportunities at the earliest stages of your buyer journey online and focus your content to attract and engage a steady stream of shoppers through your blog and social media outlets.

Written Content

Need thought-provoking articles or new blog posts that talk about the things your customers are most interested in? How about expert recommendations or news coverage that breaks down complex or boring subjects in simple ways to enlighten your customers in clever new ways? Releventure is first and foremost a team of creative writers and researchers who know exactly what to write and how to phrase it to make your content marketing and SEO strategies more effective.


Simple, beautiful, inspirational, and authentic. These are just a few words to describe the quality of our photographers’ work. From commercial product shoots, to elaborately styled settings, to candid lifestyle photography in the wild, Releventure photographers can tackle any subject matter on any location, and deliver the highest quality images designed to complement your brand and style.


Data visualization and the art of visual storytelling through infographics has become one of the most shareable forms of content available today. Our designers, researchers, and creative marketers excel at producing fun and artistic infographics that are sure to be viewed and shared by the people that matter most to you.

Video Content

Great video content requires creative marketing, great writing, the eye of a photographic artist, and the skill of a digital mixing and editing wizard. Releventure employs expert filmmakers from diverse backgrounds and specialties and collaborates with multiple creative producers on every video project to ensure you get multiple creative looks and highly polished videos for your website and social media.

Website & Mobile App Development

Our take on software development is to always look for simplicity, security, and business process improvement. We have specialized expertise in agile software development that breaks down highly complex business considerations into manageable programmatic tasks. We always think big picture and proactively develop solutions that anticipate your future needs.

Performance Reporting

There is no content marketing without good analytic data and performance measurement. As marketers, we understand the value of reporting and data. As software developers, we know how to make data meaningful and relevant through custom reporting solutions that simplify the KPIs you need to see to keep testing, keep improving, and keep growing your business.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you publish an article or website in the internet forest & Google doesn’t see it, does it really exist? Our background in search engine optimization, website development, and e-commerce lends itself to everything we do as it relates to your digital strategy, content marketing, and content development. We offer complete SEO reviews and SEO improvement strategies for existing websites in just about any industry.

Some Of Our Work

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Multi-Format Content Publishing

Digital Publishing Management

Website Development

Digital Menu Board Systems


Playbook Development

You can’t form a great game plan without first knowing the playbook. A great content playbook takes all of the important aspects of your business and marketing objectives and aligns them in a simple to reference document. Releventure playbooks incorporate executive summaries of your business, brand and style guidelines, detailed persona descriptions, KPIs, competitive analysis, marketing plans, and more so that creative producers and project managers from anywhere in the world can work more effectively to produce outstanding assets for you.

Topic & Content Format Ideation

At the heart of creativity lies ideation or brainstorming. Companies that commit to digital publishing and thought leadership often find they run out of great ideas to write about. Releventure utilizes the best social listening and trending topic tools to not only deliver a constant stream of fresh topics that will differentiate you while tapping into popular subjects, but we also match those topics to the content format that best matches the engagement and sharing potential of your customer base.

Content Calendar

We develop and manage complex content calendars that simplify workflows and add efficiency to your digital publishing operations at any scale. Our content calendar designers and project managers are the best in the world at organizing workflows, setting schedules, managing subject matter expert (SME) reviews, proofreading, and checking for originality and competitive differentiation in everything we do.

Creative Team Management

As creative producer groups, writers, designers, photographers, and filmmakers each have their unique instructional and production management needs to stay on track. We help you control costs and stay on schedule by employing proprietary project workflows and QC measures for each specific type of creative asset we produce. We are also uniquely experienced at creative crowdsourcing, and have developed the means for our clients to safely and effectively utilize well-established crowdsourcing superstars to their full potential.

SME Approval Management

One of the biggest operational challenges companies face in content marketing is subject matter expert approval. Experts are busy – very busy. But the best, most reliable content today relies on expert reviews, news, testimony, and approval. Chasing down exceptionally busy people can often be a full-time job for sophisticated marketing operations. Releventure’s content development operation is built upon this understanding, and we take the headache out of the SME approval process by handling it all for you – documenting and archiving all necessary expert and stakeholder approvals every step of the way.

Quality Control

Releventure has built proprietary tools and state-of-the-art content production processes that regularly perform checks to ensure all of the content we produce is 100% original, error-free, and safe to publish.

Promotion, Engagement, & Awareness

We strive to develop all of our content with its own ‘focused interest gravity’ to naturally pull potential customers to the information through multiple distribution channels. We generally treat your blog and owned media as the hub. Our promotion and awareness strategies utilize the best social media channels for your persona groups, and we develop all content spokes out from your owned media to create a web of information that addresses questions, concerns, and interests people have at all levels of your buyer journey. We can help you build your very own organic audience from scratch or put together innovative and cost-effective distribution strategies for Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Snap Chat, and more.